Trout Camp

"Trout Camp" was designed to spur camaraderie among those who enjoy getting out and chasing the ever elusive Driftless region trout. This camp welcomes anglers of all skill levels and provides a great opportunity to meet new fishing buddies or catch-up with old ones. Outdoor fires at night ensure that the integrity of a trout camp stays intact and a wood stove inside our canvas tent, secures that the spirit of trout camp never leaves you. This truly is the "Eat, Sleep, Fish, Repeat" experience you have been promising yourself.

How it works:
"Trout Camp" is a “plug-and-play” experience, meaning you can forget about having to pack tons of camping gear—we’ve got you covered. “Trout Camp” comes as a package deal and is a two-night minimum stay. You show up the evening before your guided days—as a group or flying solo—and join the camp for an awesome dinner. We hope to keep a full camp throughout the week (camp holds up to 6 people). Each day we rise early to enjoy a hearty breakfast and camp coffee, wader up, and hit the stream for a full day of guided trout angling. Guided days will last 8 hours, and if you have any gas left in the tank after that, you will be encouraged to fish on your own.

Our camp is set on the banks of a Driftless trout stream, making access to an evening fishing session a stone's throw from the fire. Once the sun goes down everyone is encouraged to return to camp for a bonfire, drinks, and stories... BEAC will take care of the rest.


We will be staying in our “Canvas Mansion,” our 20x18’ wall tent equipped with a wood burning stove. It is spacious and will have a cot for each camper. Our camps are held in the spring and fall, which means cold weather, rain, and heavy winds are possible. We cannot control the weather, so please come prepared for cold weather and/or rain. If you would like to sleep in your own private tent, please make arrangements to do so and bring your own tent. There are pit toilets but no running water or shower facilities, however we will have plenty of water available in portable containers. There will be a kitchen shelter in addition to the big tent. You will be responsible for your own sleeping bag, pillow, and chair.

What's biting?




What's included?
- 2 full days, guided
- BEAC famous cuisine (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
- Camp and cots (B.Y.O. sleeping bag and pillow)
- Firewood
Last full week in April (Sat. – Sun.)
First full week in October (Sat. – Sun.)
$650/person, 2-night min.
$300/additional guided day
$50/additional night (Non-guided)

All trips include leaders, tippets, and flies. Full day trips include lunch. Additional equipment may be rented upon request.

Please contact for exact details (Location, dates, etc.)

Custom camps available (Bachelor parties, Corporate, Birthdays, etc.)