Crash Camp

We’ve poured over our fishing journals to find the two most consistent weeks of summer smallmouth fishing, blocked them off, and created an experience we like to call “Crash Camp.” These dates are set in the prime of the natural phenomenon known as “The Crash.” Ever hear of topwater fishing? Well, this is the epitome, and in case that’s not enough, you and your best fishing buddy will receive a catered overnight camp on the magnificent Lower Wisconsin Riverway (LWR).

Sit back, watch the fire, enjoy a beverage and prepare to practice your storytelling.

How it works:
You and your fishing buddy show up to the boat launch around 4pm with your sleeping bag and personal gear in tow. Turn off your cell phone and forget the last couple days of work. Your guide will pick you up in the jet boat and shuttle you and your gear to “Crash Camp,” which is located on an island somewhere on the Lower Wisconsin River. Once settled in, we will head out for an evening of unrivaled top-water action chasing the LWR Smallmouth bass - the evening bite can be world-class. As the sunset wanes, we will head back to camp to rest your arms, eat great food and share stories by the fire.

Rising with the sun, you will enjoy a quick breakfast, camp coffee, and a full day of chasing LWR Smallmouth. A single overnight trip will come to an end around 3pm and you will be shuttled back to the launch you started at with a big grin on your face (and likely kicking and screaming because you don’t want to go home yet).

Those who have attended “Crash Camp” would tell you to stay another night- we’d recommend it as well. The evening bite is consistently outstanding and island camping with sand underfoot, cold beverage in hand, and first class food on its way, is a rare and unique scenario in the Midwest. Not to mention, staying another night allows you one more evening session (remember what we said about the evening session?) Our camp schedule is set up in time slots. Trips run from 4pm to 1pm the following day. If you choose to stay multiple nights, we will take a mid-day siesta, breaking your full day into two sessions (morning and evening). We do offer a price discount available for multiple days and groups of 4 anglers.

What's biting?


White Bass


What's included (in a one night stay)?
- Two guided fishing sessions (PM & AM)
- BEAC's famous cuisine (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
- Prime “Crash” dates
- LWR catered camp
Early to Mid-July Annually (Contact for exact dates)
Cost (based on 2 anglers per boat)
One night: $500/angler
Two nights: $900/angler (best value)
Group Rates (4 people or more):
One night: $1,800 for 2 boats
Two nights: $3,200 for 2 boats
Additional anglers will be handled on a case by case basis.
Additional info:
2 boats available, 2 people per boat
Additional anglers can have the option of kayak or canoe at a discounted price

All trips include leaders, tippets, and flies. Full day trips include lunch. Additional equipment may be rented upon request.

Please contact for exact details (Location, dates, etc.)

Custom camps available (Bachelor parties, Corporate, Birthdays, etc.)